Uniting People, Inspiring Change

Established in 2010 by Perry D’Alessio and Bruce Silverglade, Fighters4Life is a non-profit boxing promotional platform dedicated to empowering individuals to support their chosen charities while simultaneously contributing to Gleason’s Give a Kid a Dream program. Born from a passion for the transformative power of boxing, our founders recognized the need to showcase how the sport can positively impact young lives and build a supportive community.

Over the years, Fighters4Life has organized 18 unforgettable shows, with the 19th just around the corner. We pride ourselves on creating unique experiences by blending high-energy boxing matches with diverse entertainment elements such as stilt walkers, reggae bands, break dancers, and themed experiences like Halloween. This distinctive approach has positioned Fighters4Life as a one-of-a kind event in the boxing world.

Since our inception in 2012, we have raised over $1.8 million, benefiting numerous nonprofits such as the Wounded Warrior Project, the Gary Sinise Foundation, and Hope for Warriors. We remain committed to supporting Gleason’s Give a Kid a Dream, ensuring that young people continue to benefit from the life-changing potential of boxing.

At Fighters4Life, we strive to create unforgettable events that inspire, entertain, and drive change, uniting people through their love for boxing and their dedication to making a difference in the world.


Bruce Silverglade

Founder & President

Sonya Lamonakis

Program Director

Perry D’Alessio